How long has Highland Shadows been raiding?

   We have been raiding since Woltk.

What is your primary focus in Legion?

   Were focused on pushing progression to always be server first. Long term, one of the top rated guilds.

What type for voice chat do you use?


How is loot distributed in raids? In addition to if you're a Trial?

   Loot Council based. If the Trial preforms better or to par with our raiders they will be rewarded.

Do you do anything besides raiding to push progression? Ie: Keystones

   Yes! We do keystones groups as a guild to optimize gear flow for our progression, As well as our optional run on Sundays.

What do you expect out of your raiders?

   We expect raiders to be 15 minutes early to scheduled raids, bringing with them knowledge of the encounters as well as Flasks, Pots, Etc. Also a positive attitude towards progression.

Does Highland Shadows do anything outside of WoW?

   We play other Blizzard games! As well as games on Steam!